2020 - 2021

Orientation Program

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Leena Sharma

Date of Event - 2/9/20

The Department of Management organised an orientation programme from CII Yi (Young Indians) Jaipur Chapter with an objective of making students industry-ready and to provide a learning platform beyond academics through extension activities with the industry. This session was open to all the students of BBA/M. Com (HRM) studying at St Xavier’s College, Jaipur. Principal, Rev Fr Dr Rex Angelo SJ addressed the participants on how such enlightening sessions could enhance one’s knowledge of the corporate world. He further outlined the scope and benefits of industry-institute interactions. The resource persons from CII Yi. Mr Jalesh Arya (Chair- Yi Jaipur Chapter & Founder, Green Tangents) said that maintaining good relationship and perseverance were the two important criteria for success in this technological era.

Mr Shreyans Kasliwal (Regional Chair- Yi Northern Region & Director, Kamal Autofinance Ltd) spoke on ‘Campus to Corporate’ and advised students to come out of their comfort zones to build a successful career. Mr Arpit Patni, Co-Chair-Yi Jaipur Chapter & Vice President, Prem Cargo Movers gave a presentation on ‘YUVA - Pathway to become leaders’ with a focus on the role of CII YUVA in bridging the gap between the youth and the communities they live in by facilitating greater community awareness, promoting social responsibility, and involving them in community development initiatives. Mr Prateek Agarwal (Chair-Yi Yuva Jaipur & Director, Nature Mist) and Mr Sankalp Temani, (Executive Officer, CII) also made the session very informative with their inputs. The session ended with an interaction with styudents.


Faculty-Incharge - Dr Nitasha Khatri (LSEC)/ Dr. Leena Sharma

Date of Event - 9/9/20

Career Counselling Session by T.I.M.E Institute

Department of Management organised a career counselling session on 26th September 2020 titled “MBA as a Career Option”. This informative session was addressed by Mr. Kapil Dixit Trainer, Mentor & Career Counsellor at T.I.M.E. Institute, Jaipur. The session commenced with the blessings and motivational words of Rev Fr Dr. A Rex Angelo, Principal St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. Fr. Motivated everyone to be a better student and told them how they can be benefited by such sessions in future. Then Mr. Kapil briefed all the students about the various career options in the field of Commerce & Management. He also talked about the wider aspects of pursuing MBA and how one has to be on his/her toes to understand and analyse the intricacies of this field. The interactions made sure that there was no low point in the session. It gave everyone a clear perspective for the long run. All the factors affecting the choice of the students were addressed and the myths and superstitions regarding the choices were removed to a large extent. He showed presentations which were well organized and broken down into particular streams. Credibility and vetting of resources are an integral part of any field and more so for the MBA professional sector. The session was very fruitful and helped students in getting a clear picture of what career path they might pursue in the near future. 

Industry Expert Session

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Salim Khan

Date of Event - 3/10/20

Virtual lecture on analytics as a market differentiator held at St Xavier’s College

The Department of Management and E-Cell of St Xavier’s College, Jaipur, organised a virtual lecture by an industry expert on "Analytics as a Market Differentiator". The guest speaker at the session was Mr. Mahesh Narayan, an Advance Analytics and Artificial Intelligence professional. The topic was chosen to update management students on recent developments and trends in the corporate world.

The lecture was held on October 3, 2020. The event was addressed by Rev Father Dr A Rex Angelo S.J ,the Principal of our college who has been advocating that the increasing volume and complexity of business data are driving the commercial adoption of artificial intelligence in business analytics tools in various industries. The mainstream use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business intelligence (or BI) is helping business enterprises to pull out actionable insights from large and complex datasets and deliver business recommendations that can be understood by any business.

It started with an interactive discussion on the understanding of the word Analytics, following which the speaker elaborated about the emergence and significance of analytics. Mr Narayan highlighted the practical application of analytics in our everyday lives and how Artificial Intelligence has found its way into different fields in the contemporary scenario. He drew attention of the students on the emerging job opportunities in this field and reminded them how it has become an integral part of all companies.

The session ended with a Q & A session where students lobbed their questions to the guest speaker. All queries of the students were duly answered by Mr. Narayan. The session was informative and interactive and benefited more than 200 students who participated in it virtually.

National Webinar

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Salim Khan

Date of Event - 7/10/20

Drive Towards Skills For The Future Career

A National webinar on the topic “Skills for Future Career" was organized by the Department of Management and E-Cell of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. The Guest Speaker of the session was Dr. Upasana Singh, Assistant Professor, HR, and OB at JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur. Dr Singh focussed on the emerging areas in the professional world and also elaborated on the emerging uncertainties of the corporate sector. She gave realistic situations in her examples from the business world and asked students for solutions, in which they displayed their innovative and creative skills. Dr. Singh shed light on the role of technology and its increasing significance in the current scenario and supported her arguments with relevant statistical figures. She also showed through her presentation which sectors will be impacted in the future, both positively and negatively. She elaborated on the skills that would surely be on-demand and stressed how the students need to inculcate them in order to sustain in the forefront and in the present corporate scenario. The webinar ended with the queries of the students which were answered by the Speaker. The session helped the students to understand the significance of the skills in the present context.

Alumni Interaction

Faculty-Incharge - Ms. Ankita Rathore

Date of Event - 15/10/20

Department of Management and E- cell organized an alumni interaction on 15 th October on the topic ‘International Education: Experiences and Engagement on a Foreign Land’. The session was taken by Mr Devendra Singh (Batch 2014-2017).

He is a national representative at council of Australian postgraduate associations, an International officer, a regional advisor, study Melbourne ambassador and a business analyst. Rev Dr A Rex Angelo SJ Principal of our college welcomed the guest and enlightened the students with the importance of higher education and emphasized on how exposure and staying focused is necessary to sustain success in foreign environment. The session focused on various opportunities available for Indian students in abroad. The valuable insights and experiences shared by Mr Devendra Singh helped students to clear doubts and queries related to seeking admission and planning for future career opportunities with the foreign universities. The session was informative and interactive which benefited the students who are planning for higher education in abroad.

Orientation of E cell and IIC

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Shikha Arora

Date of Event - 16/10/20

Orientation session of Innovation & Incubation Cell (IIC) &E-Cell The Innovation & Incubation Cell (IIC)&E-cell of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur organized an orientation programme to provide a learning platform to the budding entrepreneurs of the college. In order to make the students aware of this innovative initiative, the cell organized a collaborative orientation program of Innovation & Incubation Cell (IIC) & E-Cell of the Department of Business Administration. The event was open for all the students of St Xavier’s College, Jaipur. Rev Fr Dr Rex Angelo S.J Principal addressed the participants and said that they have the potential of becoming job creators in the future. He further outlined the scope and benefits of Innovation & Incubation Cell (IIC) & E-Cell and how this cell can actively been involved for developing the paradigm of entrepreneurial mindset and will be aligned to the main theme of incubation centre. To focus on “Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship” an expert session was organized in which the speaker was Dr. Ranju Mehta, National Director, I create India. The resource person elaborated on the key differences between an entrepreneur and an employee, and how one can become more productive and responsible. She shared her knowledge and experience with the students regarding the entrepreneurship skills. Ms. Manvi Agarwal, student of BBA final year shared her “Journey of E cell” with the students. The Innovation & Incubation Cell & E-Cell are introducing an add-on course “Entrepreneurship Skill Development” to develop the skills of the students.The session ended with an interaction with students. The event was coordinated by the club coordinators of the cell. 


Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Leena Sharma

Date of Event - 6/10/20

Weninar on “ Express to Impress “

In the webinar of Express to Impress, Dr. Vikram Sahai, Speaker of the webinar spoke about the New Normal that we are practicing now because of the Corona pandemic because of which virtual platform has begun and is going to be forever. Therefore it is mandatory for us to be habitual with it and have to improve our speaking skills with it. Topic was related to the one;s speaking efficiency.

Why does one feel shy or timid in a group speaking. It is okay to be different but what is not okay is to keep your point of view to yourself. Everyone must express what they are feeling and with it one must even think about himself/herself. Atleast 10min in 24 hrs must be given to yourself to think about you.

It was also about A good speaker. A good speaker does not only means that he or she is a well speaker but also he or she has to be a well listener too. A good speaker has to be a good listener.

One should hear more before speaking anything. There can be many hindrances in listening because of the noise factor and the disturbances created in the process, it's the fact that one can retain only 25% of what he or she has listened. That’s why students must be taught about even about listening in schools and colleges.

Fest EXV

Faculty-Incharge - Dr Leena / Dr. Ekta

Date of Event - 9-10/11/20

“An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding; it can't be found in the foreign lands but in the heart itself”- Robert Louis Stevenson Deeply moved by the words that express such passion, we at Xavier’s find ourselves in a constant striving to thrive for ingenuity and individuality. Each year we look forward to an intriguingly brilliant event of ideating and sharing at the ’ENVISION X VENDESTO’, an event organised by the Department of Commerce in collaboration with the Department of Management. The two-day event started on Monday in the virtual presence of an august gathering of Jesuit authorities, respected faculties, esteemed guests and the students.

The events lined up for the days of 9th and 10th of November, 2020, deliberated over the new challenges we are encountering on the virtual platform that has become pervasive in the post-Covid world. ANUBHAV: The talk show, amassed a huge footfall as Arjun Deshpande, founder and CEO of Generic Aadhaar, a philanthropist and an innovator, hooked the aspiring minds with his riveting talk on relieving oneself from the pressure from parents, peers and society and focusing on what lies within to ignite one’s spark and passion.

The fest provided a great learning curve for the students, besides doubling up as a vessel of fond memories. This year was extra special as students from haloed educational institutions such as Narsi Monjee, Manipal, SKIT, DU, Amity, JKLU, Bhowanipore, Maharani, Mithibai and our very own St Xavier's, Nevta, participated in the event. Other nifty mentions include the likes of MPS, St Anslem, Jayshree Periwal and Xavier's who encouraged their students to participate in a celebration of brainstorming and sharing of ideas.

The setting sun brought the curtains down on the two-day event on Tuesday. Reverend Fr. Varkey Perekkatt addressed the attendees followed by, Rev. Fr Dr Sherry George, S.J. Thereafter, Thereafter, Reverend Fr A Rex Angelo, Principal, St Xavier’s College, Jaipur, lit up the room and instilled the students with motivation and hope with his talk on the importance of practical exposure in student life.

National Webinar

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Happy Agrawal

Date of Event - 21/11/20

National Webinar on Design Thinking: Igniting Innovative Minds The Department of Management, in collaboration with the E- Cell organized a National Webinar on "Design Thinking: Igniting Innovative Minds" on 21 November, 2020. The Resource Person for the webinar was Dr. Saurabh Kumar Banerjee, who has more than 16 years of experience in academics, research, and industry. Currently, he is the Dean & Associate Professor in School of Pharmaceutical Management, IIHMR University and is also shouldering important responsibilities as a member of the Academic Council.

Dr Banerjee emphasized on the role and importance of Design Thinking in making the world a better place. He explained the five major steps in this process which are: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. He used the method of simplified example to make students understand the concept which was both unique and creative. He ended with the message “Look out for the problem which the consumer is facing in his/her workspace management and Design Innovative Intervention to making his/her life easier”.

Certificate Course

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Shikha Arora

Date of Event - 23/11/20 to 2/2021

Innovation and Incubation Cell (IIC) of St. Xavier’s College Jaipur and E- Cell Department of Business Administration organized a three month certified Online Add –on Couse on “Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation” for the students of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. An MOU was signed with I CREATE INDIA for being the knowledge and training partner.

I Create is an award-winning non-profit entrepreneurship & employability skills training organization and has technical partnership with New York based Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a highly reputable international entrepreneurship training organization. I Create has been in existence for the past 20 years and has centers in different parts of India. I Create’s mission is Creating Job Creators: economic empowerment of disadvantaged members of the society through entrepreneurial programs, access to capital and mentoring, and providing employability skills to poor communities.

A group of 30 students enrolled for the course and 34 learning sessions were organized, spread from the period of November 2020 till February 2021. Eminent resource persons from the Academics and Industry took a detailed training program on Entrepreneurship. Various sessions were taken on like by Business Plan - What, Why, and How? Idea to execution Market and Other Research Business Structures, Statutory requirements - License, Tan, Pan, GST etc., types of cost, preparation of expected income statements, break even analysis, power of networking, digital marketing etc. The students experienced a great learning experience and showcased their business ideas by participating in a business start-up competition organized as a course concluding and evaluation process.

Guest Lecture

Faculty-Incharge - Ms. Anjali Pareek

Date of Event - 3/12/20

Financial Literacy and Awareness Program (under IEPF) The Department of Management and E - Cell of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur organised a guest lecture on Financial Literacy and Awareness Program under the aegis of Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF). The resource person for the event was C.A V. K Jain, who is the internal and external faculty for C.A and M.B.A training, resource person for ICAI (for the past 7 years) and a faculty member for GMCS/MCS by ICAI and ICSI at various branches across India.

The session started with the inspiring words of Father Dr A. Rex Angelo S.J,Principal who also welcomed Mr Jain. C.A Jain shared his experience in the world of finance and emphasized on the need of planning finances. He started with the definition of investment as “Idle money for earning returns to meet unplanned expenses” and then elaborated on the difference between saving and investment. He stated that the need of the hour is to change our mentality from “saving” to “investing”. The session concluded with the summary of the important points and through various examples and instances. He also took up several queries from the students in the end. The session proved to be informative for the students and the faculty.

Awareness Session with CII

Faculty-Incharge - Dr Leena Sharma

Date of Event - 17/11/20

‘Accessibility’ and ‘Gift an Organ’

The ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Gift an Organ’ vertical under the CII – Yuva in collaboration with St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, organised an amazing event named “Breaking the Myths” on 17th December 2020. The event was planned and structured by the student leads, Ms. Khushbu Tolani (Chair – Accessibility Vertical), Mr. Marc Kulshrestha (Co-Chair – Accessibility Vertical), Ms. Anjita Jessica Castellino (Chair – Gift an Organ Vertical) and Mr. Shubham Haldia (Co-Chair – Gift an Organ Vertical).The event was attended by various authorities of the CII – Yuva group from Jaipur Chapter as well as their headquarters and by several student members. The theme of the event was to educate the people about the myths that prevail in the society regarding organ donation & lives of specially abled people and to propose feasible and innovative solutions to break and conquer these myths

The Resource Persons of the session were Dr. Nagraj Naik and C.A Pradeep Chenthilkumar. A presentation contest was organized on the theme of “Breaking the Myth” . The winner of the presentation competition was Ms. Dipika Johari (BBA III Year)

National Workshop

Faculty-Incharge - Dr Shikha and Dr Happy

Date of Event - 17/12/20 – 19/12/20

Three Day National Workshop: Art of Writing Research Papers The 3- day National Workshop on “The Art of Writing Research Papers” was organised by the

Department of Business administration and Xavier’s Research and Publication Cell (XRPC). The workshop began with the blessings and encouragement of Rev. Fr. Dr. A. Rex Angelo S.J, Principal who motivated the young researchers by emphasizing on the significance of learning the art as well as the science of writing good research papers, dissertations and thesis.

The three different days of the workshop were curated by three different and eminent resource persons. On the first day, Dr. Meenal Agarwal, an academician at DAVV Indore University started with the basics of research and shared her ideas on the “Introduction to Research Paper and How to Write Research Paper”. Day 2 began with the enlightening session by the renowned Professor, Dr. Manvinder Singh Pahwa, Professor, Department of Business Administration at School of Business and Commerce at Manipal University, Jaipur, who gave a detailed insight on “Qualitative and Quantitative Research Tools”. The third day focussed on the ethical concerns and focussed on plagiarism which was discussed by Prof. Anil Mehta, Professor, Department of Legal Studies, Banasthali Vidhyapeeth, who gave his presentation on “How to Write Bibliography and Referencing in Research Papers”. The students and faculties participated enthusiastically in the successful conduction of the workshop

Alumni Interaction Session

Faculty-Incharge - Dr Shikha

Date of Event - 21/1/21

Alumni taking towards the path of success: An alumni interaction session on "Giving a Pointer Towards: The IVY League Universities”. An online alumni interaction session was organized on "Giving a Pointer Towards: The IVY League Universities", by The Department of Management and E- Cell, St. Xavier's College, Jaipur on 21 January 2021. The alumni session was taken up by Mr. Aditya Dinesh who is the alumni of BBA Batch 2012-15. He has done his M. Sc. Innovation and Entrepreneurship from University of Warwick, MA in Public Administration and Diploma in HR and Conflict Management London School of Economics.

Rev. Fr. Dr. A. Rex Angelo, S.J, Principal of our college welcomed the speaker and addressed the students focusing on the concerns of targeting the foreign universities for higher education. The session was an interactive one in which the present students got a platform to get their queries addressed from an alumnus. The takeaways of the session were information linked with approaches to target the IVY league universities, the various scholarship programs available, the strategies to cope with the cultural and the language differences, and much more. The valuable insights and experiences shared by Aditya helped the students to unravel their dilemmas related to work experience required for approaching foreign universities and getting job experiences in the foreign countries. He also guided the students about the entry procedure in the lead universities and scholarship opportunities available.


Faculty-Incharge -Ms. Ankita Rathore

Date of Event - 1/2/21

Opportunities do not happen, you create them: A Webinar on Career Prospects after Graduation.

A webinar on “Career Prospects after Graduation” was organized by E-Cell and Department of Management, St. Xavier's College, Jaipur in collaboration with Bulls Eye, Jaipur on 1st February 2021. Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Career Counselor and Psychologist, was invited as the speaker for the session.

Rev. Fr. Dr. A. Rex Angelo S.J, Principal, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur welcomed the guest and enlightened the students with the importance of higher education by laying emphasis on how students can prepare themselves for future endeavors and achieve success in various competitive exams.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma apprised the participants regarding pivotal competitive exam. He consulted about several entrance exams, like TISS, CAT, MAT, GMAT, IIFT and several others and counselled them to prepare well and succeed with flying colors by his valuable advices. It was an interactive session followed by question and answers. All students found it relevant and their enthusiastic participation made it a fruitful session.

Plantation Drive

Faculty-Incharge -Dr Salim Khan,Ms. Ankita Rahtore

Date of Event - 5/2/21

On 5th of February, 2021, a plantation drive – ‘Grow Geen Go Green’ was organised by E-Cell as a social activity considered to be the pre-event for InYouth 2021, held on 6th February at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur.

Even the guest speaker for the event Shree Rajendra Singh (Waterman of India) contributed towards this drive by planting a sampling himself.

Rev Fr Dr A Rex Angelo, Principal, Rev Fr Dr Sherry George, Vice-Principal & Treasurer, and Rev Fr Dr Raymond Cherubin, Vice-Pricipal & Administrator also participated zealously in the drive.

Teachers and Students from various departments of the college participated and volunteered in this event.

It was a completely plastic free event, where students promoted both the plantation and small efforts of earing by road-side vendors; ‘sikoras’ (small earhten pots) were used as little pots for planting seeds, procured from small roadside vendors.

Marigold and Okra seeds were distributed among the students to be planted and manured soil was procured from the campus of St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur.

At the end every individual who planted a seed was gifted with his own sikora containing seed to promote the spirit of contributing towards the environment and enhancing the importance of plantation.

Inyouth (youth Summit)

Faculty-Incharge -Ms Anjali Pareek , Ms Ankita Rathore

Date of Event - 6/2/21



The Department of Management and E-cell of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur organized its fifth edition of its mega annual youth summit, INYOUTH ’21: Thinking Out Loud on 6th February. INYOUTH ’21 provides a platform to youth icons where they interact with leading stars from different fields like entrepreneurship, social activism, politics, media and entertainment industry. INYOUTH ’21 which has become the biggest youth summit on ground was hosted offline plus on the virtual platform to help the confined youth to beat about their life and their journey and inspirations to deal with the world that change the inquisitive mind of the youth. This year, the summit hosted many inspiring celebrities of the nation, which was graced by the presence of Rajendra Singh, founder of Tarun Bharat Sangh, commonly known as ‘Waterman of India’ who received the Ramon Magsaysay Award & Stockholm Water Prize.

He laid emphasis on the real asset which is water and present-day challenges for youth and talked about the third world war. He gave simplified geological solutions and how the dams are helpful in water extraction. He also emphasized that how the future of entire world can be changed and involvement of community for water resources should be mapped. The event was graced by the presence of Rev Fr Varkey Perekkatt S.J, Manager who talked about the scarcity of water and the related struggles. The inaugural session concluded with the inspiring words of Rev Fr Dr A. Rex Angelo S.J, Principal, Jaipur who congratulated the department for choosing eminent persons and enlightening the generation Z. He also took an example of Taru Mitra Movement by Jesuit School in Patna. Make water more potable should be the takeaway message for this youth summit. The event was also graced by Captain Yashika Hatwal Tyagi, Ex-Indian Army Veteran, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Chinu Kwatra who is a promising young entrepreneur and social worker in Mumbai, Entrepreneurs and Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking Stars Ankita Bansal & Gayatri Bansal, Rajasthan Royals Capt Sanju Samson, Indian International Cricketer who shared their remarkably interesting stories from their life’s experiences.

Concluding ceremony of Add on Course and Bunisess Plan competition (Pitch It up)

Faculty-Incharge -Dr Shikha and Dr Leena

Date of Event - 16/2/21

The Innovation and Incubation Cell (IIC) and E-Cell – Department of Business Administration has organizing a Business Startup Competition “PITCH-IT-UP” and Course Concluding Ceremony of the 3- Month Certified add–on course on “Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation”, on February 16, 2021 . The Add-on course was conducted with support of I Create India, being the knowledge and the training Partner.

The purpose of the competition was to boost the morale of the students and guide them towards better reinforcement of their entrepreneurial skills.

Business Conclave

Faculty-Incharge -Dr Leena

Date of Event - 9-10/3/21

St Xavier’s college Business conclave 2021 was held from 9th to 10th of February for the first time which was organized by the department of Management and E-Cell. It commenced with the blessings of Rev Fr Varkey Perekkatt, manager who talked about organizing such events. The conclave was graced by the presence of Rev Fr Glenn Menezes S.J Rector St Xavier’s School Bhiwadi who spoke on the innovations in the start-up business and how such kind of discussions can help the students to bring positive mind in framing businesses. Rev Fr Dr A Rex Angelo S. J, Principal of our college appraised the gathering of their experience in the world of start-ups where transformation and innovation is an integral part of thinking out of the box that relates to personal, process and technology and how people can incorporate something of their own .The event was followed by an interactive session between the panelists who shared their iconic stories of success and one should be inspired by the exposure in dynamic business world. An entrepreneurial extravaganza, promising a wholesome experience of networking, learning, and exploring the dynamic business environment. The event provided a platform for thought provoking discussions, various enthralling competitions, exciting prizes, and a Management Case Book, Mock Parliament. Conclave 2021 concluded with the application of various business models which paved the way for young entrepreneurs. 

Old Clothes Donation Drive

Faculty-Incharge -Dr Leena and Ms Pushpanjali

Date of Event - 6/4/21

"It's Better to Donate than to Accumulate""It's Better to Donate than to Accumulate"

With these constructive thoughts deep-seated together in our minds and hearts, the Management Executive Tribunal, E-Cell, and the Department of Management, St Xavier’s College, Jaipur, is organizing "Old Clothes Donation Drive". This imperial and highborn activity will be conducted in collaboration with the Aashraya Welfare Society on 7th April, 2021. The sole motive of this drive is to ensure that no soul created by the god sleep without clothes, lives without clothes, or dies due to no clothes.

Talk Show

Talk Show on Moral Fibres

The essence of youth lies in questioning. The questioning is not a rebellion. It is the first step of learning. Keeping up the legacy of empowered learning the department of management and E-Cell along with Management Executive Tribunal of our college organized a talk show on moral fibers with Mr. Sibey Mathew (an IIM-C Alumni) on 12th of January,2021. He is currently working as a Development Manager at SAP LABS, Session was graced by the presence of Rev Fr Dr A Rex Angelo S. J, Principal, St. Xavier’s College. He also stressed on the balance between the mind and the personality which are the essential traits of the youth these days. The speaker threw light on how the upcoming era will be in future and told us the perfect personality traits to sustain. Then, he carved his way by further taking various examples into the session by telling us the importance of 'IMPRESSION' in the first chance. He took real life examples which teach us to remove unwanted things from our mind and diversify our mind to get influenced by the positivity around us. He also showed us ways to become a better leader. The show ended up with a Q/A round where the speaker wisely gave answers to all the questions thrown his way, giving us a better way to articulate situations and lead a better living. The talk show’s sole motive was to guide the Youth towards the Right Trail, enlighten them for a Peaceful Life and to Reach the Pinnacles of Glory. The talk show was a Boundless Triumph. Initially, we came into this event with lot of questions in mind and left the session with a different perspective towards life.