2021 - 2022

Student Induction Programme

Faculty-Incharge -  Dr Gurneet Kaur Suri, Ms. Rose Martin

Date of Event -  10 August - 18 August

A Seven day Student Induction Programme –Deeksharambh was organised by the Department of Business Administration for the students of the department. The programme was conducted online through Google meet from 10 August to 18 August.

Besides drawing the attention of the student to the issues of life and their role in larger society, the aim of this programme was to build relationships between teachers and students which last for their upcoming 3 years and possibly beyond. Therefore, this programme was conducted by faculty members of the department, the ones who would teach them. The faculty members discussed with students about topics like Student aspirations, family expectations, Gratitude towards people helping me, Human needs of self and body, Peer pressure, Prosperity, Values in relationships. The sessions were well taken by the students.


Faculty-Incharge -- Dr Salim Khan and Dr. Renu Jadon

Date of Event – 3 September

Department of Business Administration at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur Organized a Virtual Industrial Visit to Universal Auto Foundry Ltd. on 3 rd of September 2021 for the second- and third-year students. It was incepted to explore the working of different sections of an industry. The area of focus was to observe the working of different sections of an industry where students virtually visited various sections one by one like Foundry Shop, Tool room, machining shop, testing room (UTM, Hardness testing machine etc.), Sand Casting, Dispatch department. In foundry, how the sand is prepared by using different ingredients were told to students by the instructors. Besides this, they also observed and got acquaintance of runner, different core in casting process. In testing room, how the parts are tested was also demonstrated in detail and the tests include tensile/compression test, hardness test etc. CNC classifications, advantages, disadvantages, and the other factors related to CNC machines was an added feature. CNC and VMC were shown virtually to the students. During the virtual visit, students observed the different casted products, machine processes and the dispatching process of the product. To their unrivalled products, unique designs and how they carry a fusion between all types of casting tools Students were quite elated to have such a visual treat and are looking forward to such more enriching visits. During the visit, students observed the different casted products and various machining processes and the dispatching process of the product. At last, during the end of the visit, students were very thankful to the instructors for showing the importance foundry industry to them. In the end, Principal Rev Fr Dr A Rex Angelo S.J addressed the attendants, underscoring the importance of the industrial visits for the practical approach and cheered the success of the new-fashioned virtual visit. The event graciously dropped its curtain after a wholesome question-answer session. 

Workshop on Business Case Study

Faculty-Incharge -  Dr Gurneet Kaur Suri, Dr. Renu Jadon

Date of Event -  30 September – 1 October

“Change is the end result of all true learning and learning never exhaust the mind”

In order to make the students learn about the Business Case Studies, The Department of Business Administration organised a three Days workshop on Business Case Study through virtual platform in which students learnt about how to solve and how to form Business Case Studies. The workshop was conducted from 30th Sept to 1 st  October, 2021. Dr.Kapil Shrimal from Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore was the resource person of the workshop. Cases help identify and comprehend multi-faceted scenario in a single package. This broadens the thinking horizon of learners. The resource person, has taken few case studies and showed the students how to solve it. He had taken case studies on LaxmiNamkeen, Bajaj Scooters, Balaji Wafers and more. He also discussed, the ways to identify the problem area and how to convert that problem into case study. It was an interactive workshop where students came to know various aspects related to case study like understanding the case, identify the problem, how to deliver a topic using a case, how to frame case study, how to conclude a case etc.

The workshop was well coordinated by the faculties of the department.

Digital Marketing Course

Faculty-Incharge -Dr Salim Khan and Dr. Leena Sharma

Date of Event -  30 September – 1 October

The Department of Business Administration in collaboration with Internshala is offering a three months (30 contact hours) Add on course on Digital marketing. 28 students have enrolled for the course and successfully completed the same. The course were feature topics related to search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing and more. Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Its development during the 1990s and 2000s changed the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. As digital platforms became increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, and as people increasingly use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops, digital marketing campaigns have become prevalent, employing combinations of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e–books, and optical disks and games have become commonplace. Digital marketing extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as television, mobile phones (SMS and MMS), call back, and on-hold mobile ring tones. The extension to non-Internet channels differentiates digital marketing from online advertising. The course is open for students of all the streams with minimum eligibility of attendance and satisfactory performance during the course. Successful students will be awarded with a certificate. 

Career Counselling Session by T.I.M.E Institute

Date of Event -  9 th October

Department of Commerce & Management organised a career counselling session on 9 th October 2021 titled “MBA as a Career Option” in the college auditorium. The session was addressed by Mr. Kapil Dixit Trainer, Mentor & Career Counsellor at T.I.M.E. Institute, Jaipur. The session commenced with the blessings and motivational words of Rev Fr Dr. A Rex Angelo, Principal St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. Fr. motivated everyone to be a better student and told them how they can be benefited by such sessions in future. Father also mentioned that MBA programme gives a direct access to an extensive business network. Then Mr. Kapil briefed all the students about the various career options in the field of Commerce & Management. He also talked about the wider aspects of pursuing MBA and how one has to be on his/her toes to understand and analyse the intricacies of this field. All the factors affecting the choice of the students were addressed and the myths and superstitions regarding the choices were removed to a large extent. Credibility and vetting of resources are an integral part of any field and more so for the MBA professional sector. The session was very fruitful and helped students in getting a clear picture of what career path they might pursue in the near future. 

Orientation on Power Dressing

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Manisha Sharma and Dr. Happy Agarwal

Date of Event - 18 th October

Department of Business Administration organized an “orientation session by CII YI Yuva on Power Dressing” on October 18, 2021. The Department has a MoU with Confederation of Indian Industry Jaipur Yuva Chapter. The session was conducted in person mode in the college auditorium in which Fr. Raymond Cherubin, Vice Principal St. Xavier’s Jaipur welcomed the resource persons and the guests in their opening remark. Mr. Arpit Patni chairing Jaipur Chapter and a Vice President, Business Development and planning for Prem Cargo Movers Pvt. Ltd., and Ms. Richa Tiwari, a corporate trainer and a consultant for human skills and business communication were invited as a speaker for the induction of CII YI Yuva and on the topic “Power Dressing” respectively. Mr. Arpit Patni briefed the students about the meaning and the traits of leadership and how CII is enhancing the leadership traits in the youth of India. He also elaborated on the objective of CII, which create a bridge, a platform for the students to work in cross functional teams with a broad objective of enhancing their leadership skills and giving back to the nation. In the process, the students work in leadership roles while operationalizing projects that are based on self-development, skill building, community service and nation building. The second speaker Ms. Richa Tiwari informed the students about power dressing. The session taken by her consist of various interactive activities with the students. She explained that etiquettes, body language, grooming and the power dressing is essential for the professional world and in order to make an impression. She explained further that the key elements in power dressing is right fit, right colour, right accessory and right visual harmony. She gave practical tips on the dressing according to the body type and styling. Dr. Leena Sharma HoD, Department of Business Administration delivered the vote of thanks. The session concluded with a group photograph. 

Workshop on Values, Ethics and Leadership

Faculty-Incharge -  Dr. Shikha Arora Bakshi and Ms. Rose Martin

Date of Event - 21-22 October

The two-day offline Workshop on “Values, Ethics and Leadership- Steps to Level Five Leadership” was organised by Department of Business Administration on 21 st and 22 nd October, 2021, under the leadership of our Principal, Rev. Fr. Dr. A. Rex Angelo, coordinated by Dr. Shikha Arora Bakshi & Ms Rose Martin, Assistant professors of the department. The workshop began with the blessings and encouragement by our Vice- Principal Rev. Fr. Dr. Raymond Cherubin S.J., who motivated the young management students by throwing light on how important it is to learn and abide by the ethics and values while practising leadership. The two days of the workshop were curated by an eminent resource person Rev. Fr. Dr. Nelson D’Silva S.J., Vice president and Treasurer JXEA and former academician, XLRI Jamshedpur. Fr. Nelson shared his knowledge by letting the participants know about values and ethics that must be followed in workplace by quoting examples of big business tycoons who possessed great values in both their life and business. The 5 levels that father talked about were as follows: Highly capable Individual, Contributing team member, Competent Manager, Effective Leader and Executive. The key highlight of the workshop was activity based learning through “A CORE VALUES CLARIFICATION EXERCISE” in which students were able to learn and understand oneself and their own values, prioritizing their values etc. The workshop concluded with raging outflow of knowledge and information. Students really found the workshop interactive and interesting. 

Envision X Vendesto 2021

Faculty-Incharge - – Dr. Leena Sharma and Dr. Salim Khan

Date of Event - 17-18 November

“An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding; it can't be found in the foreign lands but in the heart itself”

-          Robert Louis Stevenson

Deeply moved by the words that express such vigour, we at Xavier’s find ourselves in the constant tussle of self-discovery. Each year as we look forward to an intriguingly brilliant event of augmenting knowledge, ’ENVISION X VENDESTO’ organised by the Department of COMMERCE in collaboration with the Department of management, never fails to enthral us. The events were lined up for the days of 17 th  and18 th  of November, 2021 and it was as jubilant and buoyant as the name already manifests.

The event took a new shape and challenge by creating a fusion between online and offline mediums. It started in the glorious presence of the august gathering devoted utterly to the affair, on the morning of 17 th  of November, with the welcome of the Jesuit authorities and audience members. Followed by the lighting of the lamp, seeking the blessings of the Almighty, which was truly a moment to behold. Reverend Fr. Arokya Swamy addressed the attendees with his mesmerising words that got the audience in awe. Followed by, Rev. Dr A Rex Angelo, S.J.voicedwords of wisdom that lit up the room and instilled a sense of motivation amongst the students. Thereafter, an expansive talk show themed,  “Entrepreneurship; Reassessment of Success” took place with Ms Amrita Gupta and Sir, Yash Kalra as the chief guests, they tethered to the aspiring minds about relieving oneself from the pressure from parents, peers and society and focusing on what lies within and ignites the spark, the passion. The inaugural ceremony came to a close as ambition surrounded the air.

Workshop on Health Care Management

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Manisha Sharma and Dr. Happy Agrawal

Date of Event - 26-27 November

Department of Business Administration organized an online Two-day workshop on Health Care Management on 26th & 27th November 2021. The resource person for the day one was Col (Dr) Pramod Kumar, Professor and Head, Dept of Hospital Administration, Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology (MGUMST), Jaipur. Fr. Raymond Cherubin, Vice Principal St. Xavier’s Jaipur welcomed the resource person in their opening remark. Dr. Pramod Kumar briefed the students about the Quality of Healthcare in India: Challenges and Priorities. He added that in order to realize the benefits of quality health care, health services must be timely, equitable, integrated and efficient. He also focused on the Components of healthy life style i.e. Regular physical exercise, yoga and meditation, avoidance of alcohol and substance abuse, balanced nutritious diet rich in vegetables and fruits which is low in fats and refined sugar. On the second day of the workshop the session was taken over by Dr.Saurabh kumar Banerjee, Dean& Associate Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Management, The IIHMR University, Jaipur, and Rajasthan. He briefed the students on the career prospects in healthcare and pharma management. He emphasized on the fundamentals of immunization supply chain and the importance of managerial aspects in it. He also explained scope of management students in the healthcare sector. In the end of the session Dr. Leena Sharma HOD, Department of Business Administration delivered the vote of thanks to the resource person. The session concluded with a group photograph. 

Alumni Interaction

Faculty-Incharge -  Ms. Anjali Pareek

Date of Event - 6 th December

Alumni interaction on “Exploring the unconventional paths: career options after graduation”

On 6th December 2021, department of business administration organised an alumni interaction on the theme “Exploring the unconventional paths: career options after graduation” to acquaint students with the career options available other than most sought after course MBA. The speaker of the session was Mr. Vinay Pratap Singh who is an alumnus of batch 2014-17 and currently working as a restaurant supervisor in USA West Virginia. Mr. Vinay talked enthusiastically about the career paths he has opted and thrown light on the options which are little less explored but has immense scope to build a career after pursuing BBA as bachelor’s degree.


Faculty-Incharge -  Dr. Ankita Rathore, Dr. Gurneet Kaur Suri and Ms. Anjali Pareek

Date of Event -  8 January

The most awaited fest of the year, INYOUTH’22: Let Your Voice Be Heard, held open on 8 th  of January, 2022 with a warm welcome for the speakers and the audience, which included an introduction about the event and the speakers.

Moving forward with the event, the audience was addressed by Rev. Fr Dr Arokya Swamy SJ, Rector and manager, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. He inspired the hall to listen to the experiences of the speakers and keep on learning.

Although the fest was held completely online, the Xavier’s Music Society with their phenomenal music performance, didn’t fail to add an element of entertainment to the event. Moving further, Rev Fr Dr A Rex Angelo SJ, Principal, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, addressed the gathering with his ever-inspiring words.

The Legacy of Inyouth was presented next with an astonishing video which included all the previous editions of the fest. It must be indeed a delicacy to have witnessed all these editions. Starting with the ever-awaited sessions, the first session: “Jazba-e-Zindagi: Once a Victim, Now a Survivor” including Mr. Jayant Kandoi as a speaker, was as amazing as it sounds. He talked about his struggle facing the deadly cancer, 3 times in a row and the strength he held during all those difficult times. It was indeed an inspiring session, teaching us to never give up, whatever happens.

The audience was next addressed by Rev Fr Dr Raymond Cherubin SJ, Vice Principal and Administrator, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. He inspired all the people with his witty words and advised them to listen to the speakers carefully.

Moving forward with the second session, “Khayal-e-Tabeer: From Connecting Souls to Soles” by the profound entrepreneur, Shriyans Bhandari. He talked about his entrepreneurial experiences and the struggles he faced at the starting of his career.

After the ad video, the third session, “Kadam-e-Aiwam: Turning Dreams to Reality” by the most inspiring, Mr. Devendra Raj Mehta was a phenomenal one. He talked about how he was inspired by a road accident and ended up providing artificial limbs to a million people. He acted as a true inspiration for all

The fourth and the most awaited session began after the third video. “Malika-e-Missal: Smashing the Stereotypes” showcased the ever-enthusiastic Annu Rani, the first and the only lady to play Javelin for India. It was indeed a mind-blowing and galvanizing session with her talking about the family problems and the stereotypes she faced. Emerging from all these difficulties, she managed to be the lady she is today.

After all the stimulating sessions and beautiful ad-videos, it was the time to announce the results for Brandism.

The summit was announced closed with a vote of thanks and this was the end for the most amazing INYOUTH’22.

Business conclave

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Renu Jadon, Dr. Manisha Sharma and Dr. Happy Agrawal

Date of Event -  15 February

The most awaited academic event of the year, Business Conclave'22: Ethical Recreation and RE-INNOVATION of Business Tactics were commenced open on 15th February 2022 with a warm welcome to the Speaker Mr T.V. Rao and the audience which included an introduction about events. Moving forward with the event, the audience was addressed by Rev. Fr Dr Arokya Swamy SJ, Rector and manager, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. He inspired the hall to listen to the experiences of the speakers and keep on learning. Although the fest was held completely online, the Xavier’s Music Society with their phenomenal music performance didn’t fail to add an element of entertainment to the event. Moving further, Rev Fr Dr A Rex Angelo SJ, Principal, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, addressed the gathering with his ever- inspiring words. The legacy of Business Conclave was presented next with an astonishing video that included the previous edition of the fest. It must be indeed a delicacy to have witnessed the 1st edition. Starting with the ever awaited session on Human Resources by TV Rao sir, was as amazing as it sounds.it was an amazing session indeed.

After that moving forward, with an address by the Head of Department commenced the event open. And a lot of great academic events of different genres organised by different verticals, marketing maestros, Talent Recruiters, Case study competition, Book review presentation, Mock Parliament took place.

A video presentation was presented regarding the journey of ECELL, continued with the repertoire given by ECELL coordinator GARGI JAIN. After this, the Felicitation of ECELL alumni took place that lead to an address by the Head of Department.

After all the stimulating events, a session THE NEW YOU by HG Amogh Lila Das took place.

After all the stimulating events, a session THE NEW YOU by HG Amogh Lila Das took place.The most awaited part of the day began with the announcement of the winners of the respective events. We had Nandani Bhala from University Maharani College for Marketing Maestros, Nandani Bhala, and University Maharani College for Talent Recruits as the winner and Pragya Naruka, St. Xaviers College, as the 1st Runner Up for Talent Recruits. We had Rohan M. Kuruvilla from the ruling party and Tanishka Jain from the opposition party for the Mock Parliament.  Mohit Singh Sisodia, Riddhi Agarwal and Kamaldeep Kaur secured the certificate of excellence for the book review and Nandani Bhala secured the first position as the winner for Case Study Analysis. After this amazing session, the event was announced close with a vote of thanks by ECELL coordinator Tanya Sharma.

Session on Business Analytics

Faculty-Incharge -  Dr. Ankita Rathore and Dr. Renu Jadon

Date of Event -  25 January

Department of Business Administration uses meticulous and intensive integrated teaching methods to prepare the students to take up business and managerial positions in the global environment. With the same outlook to provide a holistic learning experience to the students, the department of Business Administration in association with Upgrade organised an extreme informative session on "Business Analytics" on Thursday, 25 January 2021.

The session started with wise words of Rev Fr Principal - Rev Fr Dr A Rex Angelo SJ who explained the students about the importance of business analytics in the contemporary world. The session was then taken over by the renowned and extremely knowledgeable guest speaker Ms Shayari Purkayastha. She addressed the virtual gathering with a well prepared and informative presentation on Business Analytics. The introduced the basic concept, fundamentals and methods of Business Analytics infused with real life examples. The guest speaker offered a practical insights using her 10 years of experience as Data Professional.

The upgrade team also announced about their Online Couse on Business Analytics, offering all the skills required to practise Business Analytics in real sense. The insightful and knowledgeable session ending with the Q and A round, where the participant’s queries were fully solved by the speaker.


Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Salim Khan and Dr. Happy Agrawal

Date of Event -  18 January

The Short Term Training Program on Strategic financial decisions took place between 18 th January to 22 nd  January, 2022 on Google Meet platform. The Short Term Training Program hosted by Department of Business Administration, was resourced by CA Nikhil Nainani who is a known face in the world of Finance being a Finance Trainer. Training program successfully harnessed the Enthusiasm and experience of participants. These  Five Day Training Program did commence by covering all the Basics of Stock Management on day 1 and Basics of Stock Market on Day2.That further continued with vast informational great knowledge on Balance Sheet Analysis and Analysis of Future of the Stock Market on Day 3 and Day 4. On the Final Day of this Training Program the light was shown to the most awaited and hot topic in the world of Finance nowadays, Crypto. This Five-Day Training Program enlightened the students with vast field of knowledge in Finances and was put to end with a warm note of gratitude to our Management, Resource Person, Faculty Members and all the Participants. 

Workshop on Ethical Hacking Techniques

Faculty-Incharge - Dr. Salim Khan , Dr. Arpita Banerjee

Date of Event -  10-11 February.

A two day workshop was organized on 10 Feb – 11 Feb 2022 by the Xavier’s cyber security cell in collaboration with department of Business Administration of St. Xavier’s college Jaipur. The topic for the session was Ethical Hacking Techniques (hands in experience). The event was organised in the guidance of Dr Arpita Banerjee and Dr Salim khan. The guest speaker for the session was Er Amit Kumar Singh Ass. Professor at Amity University, Jaipur. He is a Ph.D. (P) in Cyber Security from Amity University Rajasthan. On day 1 the resource person reflected his profound knowledge on the topic and highlighted how important to keep our identity anonymous while performing ethical hacking. He also made us aware with terms associated with hacking and demonstrated some interesting hacks for eg. Location, WhatsApp chat. The 2 nd day started with an introduction to SOC (Security Operations Centre) and covered the significance of SOC in Corporate environment and its uses towards safeguarding the enterprise. He also talked about Malware – Viruses and Trojans, Social Engineering Attacks. There was an excellent question –answer session which clarified most of the participant’s doubts related to computer networks and ethical hacking – in both offensive and defensive mode. 

Alumni Interaction March 2022

Faculty-Incharge -Dr. Renu Jadon

Date of Event - 21 March

The Department of Business Administration and E-Cell, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, organized an Online Alumni Interaction on the theme “Career Opportunities: The Essence of Future Readiness” on March21, 2022 through Google Meet from 11:30AM-12:30PM. The session was beautifully moderated by Ms. Pratishtha. The speaker of this program was Ms. Ridhi Sharma, Sales & Marketing Executive at Liaigre, Singapore an alumnus (Batch 2015- 18) of the college. Programme started with the welcome, which was followed by highly motivational lecture delivered by the speaker. The interaction was designed to guide and motivate the students to take up the correct careers with full seriousness and in the right spirit. The following topics were discussed during the interaction: 1. Career Guidance- Selection of Career Stream 2. Preparing for the Corporate Challenges. 3. Managing Time and 4. Skills sets required for the chosen stream. Few of the questions from the audience were taken up by the speaker during the Q & A session. The variety and range of questions raised show that the participants took an active part in the programme. The programme was successfully coordinated and conducted by Dr. Renu Jadon. The interaction ended with a Departmental vote of thanks by Dr. Leena Sharma, HOD, to the authorities, speakers, students and to the organizing team.